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Baytronix 1501400

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This scope has an Equatorial Mount, so it can be polar aligned to track the movements of stars parade across the night sky. Use the declination circle, hour circle and latitude scale to quickly locate any celestial body. Thanks to precision worm gears and a substantial counter weight, the telescope can be balanced so that the slightest finger touch turn of the flexi cables will move the telescope with a smooth, steady motion.
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Mathieu Routhier
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Summary: After reading many bad reviews...
August 22nd, 2007
After reading many bad reviews of this scope on websites, I was afraid there would be nothing interesting to see with this scope. However, since I started using it, I've been quite happy to see things I thought I would never see with that scope.

It was very enjoyable to look at Albireo, Lagoon's Nebula or the Wild Duck Cluster. The moon is also a good target, if you have a polarizing filter. On the other hand, even under the best conditions, I've never been able to see M13 other than as a blurry patch. Jupiter never shown any contrast or color.

First, collimation helps a lot. I use a laser collimator. Best results are achieved by first removing the correcting lens at the bottom of the eyepiece tube. Washing all lenses with alcohol also improved visibility a lot for me.

The viewfinder is total crap, I don't even use it anymore. Go buy yourself a telrad instead.

The focuser is definitely the weakest link. the tube always wobbles a little bit.

The mount is much better than the rest. It is relatively stable. The 25mm eyepiece is good and has a wide pupil. The 10mm eyepiece has a very small pupil and could be better, I bought another eyepiece instead.

Bottom line, yeah, it's not so good. But it might not be as crap as some people say. I've had a lot of fun discovering the sky with it. I have ordered myself a bigger, better telescope because I felt that one was limiting my observations. At least, it helped me realize I was addicted to astronomy :)
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Summary: PURE JUNK
January 4th, 2007
This Telescope, if you want to call it that is PURE JUNK! Don't buy this one!

I tried for 3 months to get it to work as per EBAY instructions and, no matter what I did, I couldn't even see a fence 3 ft away with it.

The night and day sky is a complete blur and cannot be focused. Even the full moon is opaque and all you can see is a bright blur.

Save your money, Buy a Tasco from walmart.

My rating is a negative 100 and there is no Customer Service.
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Summary: Hunk of Junk
December 5th, 2006
This Telescope "if you want to call it that" is a hunk of junk. I tried for 3 months to get it to work as per Taximarkets lip service. Nothing i did worked, So i took it to some one who could. After 2 weeks of trying the University of South Florida's Astronomy lab could do no better. Save your money, Buy a Tasco from KMart.

My rating goes well below 0.
Customer service sucks.
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Rick Brown
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Summary: Don't buy
December 8th, 2005
Well, where to first glance, this seems to be a pretty decent instrument. Take it out and look at the night sky, however, and the wind will completely leave your sails. The moon looks pretty good, but try to find a planet, galaxy or nebulae...forget about it, unless you like looking at a blur. I removed the built in "corrector" lens from the focuser (used to increase focal length and reduce abberations), and am going to try to collimate it now(impossible to do with the corrector lens in). The eyepieces are just fair, and the barlow...throw it in the garbage. The viewfinder is junk too. My first investment will be better quality eyepieces and a better Barlow lens. I'm really hoping I didn't completely throw money away on this scope. Since I purchased it, all I've been doing is wishing I had purchased Hardin's 8" Dobsonian I've seen advertised for $300.00. Don't buy this one. Get a dobbie from Celestron, Orion, Meade or Hardin instead.
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