Astronomy for Beginners is a editorial project contributed by editors and writters with 

Martin Rodney

Carl Martin

Martin is an American lifetime, Award winning writter. He worked at the world-renowned Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles. His first published book was on space travel (Touch the Stars: Emergence, co-authored with John Dalmas; Tor Books, New York, 1983)

Mohamed Nadal

Mohamed is a Master student in Astrophysics & Space Science. Studies e-Learning technologies through at the Information Technology Insititute (ITI).  He has a BSc of Space Science and a postgraduate diploma in Astrophysics from Helwan University, Egypt. 

Matthew Prout

Matthew is a writer with three courses in Astronomy as an undergraduate student, and one course in Astronomy as a graduate student. He studies Astronomy extensively in my spare time.

Our work was featured in:

Our work was featured in some of the most reputable Astronomy organisations like Earth Eclipse, Dark Sky, Nerds Magazine and Star Talk Radio

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