Meade DS-2114ATS Review



The DS-2114ATS-LNT is a fully GoTo telescope. It’s onboard computer knows the night sky. After a short alignment procedure, your telescope will be ready to take you on a tour of the universe. You will see more objects in one night than Galileo saw in a lifetime. See planets like Saturn and Jupiter, star clusters, nebulae, galaxies and more.

New Product Enhancements for 2007

    • New generation II DS-2000 mount
    • New advanced field tripod for a solid observing platform
    • Oversized declination lock knob with fast locking grip
    • Enhanced SmartFinder with multi-coated optics

  • Large 114mm Aperture
    Captures a lot more light for brighter images and greater detail
  • Two Premium 1.25″ Super Plössl Eyepieces
    For superior long eye relief and an expansive wide visual field
  • Automatic Alignment + SmartFinder™
    Electronic level sensor, electronic magnetic north sensor, high precision internal clock and red dot projection finder all work together to get you aligned with the heavens
  • AutoStar Suite™ Astronomer Edition
    Amazing planetarium software and Instructional Video will teach you the night sky and how to use your telescope
  • Assembles in Minutes
    Includes everything you need to explore your universe
Telescope Aperture



Telescope Focal Length



Telescope Motorised


Telescope Mount Type


2.8 rating
2.8 out of 5 stars (based on 9 reviews)
Very good45%

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Good beginner's scope

4.0 rating
May 2, 2018

The Meade DS-2114 telescope is a good beginner’s scope, but more advanced users may find it somewhat lacking. I bought my DS-2114 at Meade’s Factory Outlet on EBay. I paid $124 with free shipping. The telescope was refurbished, but came with Meade’s 1-year warranty. Included with the telescope was a tripod, a decent 8x30 spotting scope, Meade’s MA (Kelner) 25mm and 9mm eyepieces, the Meade #494 AutoStar, and a CD ROM with astronomy software. My CD arrived blank. The tripod is fairly sturdy and can support a 35mm camera at prime focus. However, the cross-supports between the tripod’s legs broke after about a dozen trips outdoors. To use the AutoStar system, the telescope must first be aligned. This is fairly easy to do, but not as simple as the advertising from Meade would have you believe. To align the scope, the tripod must be level with the optical tube pointed North and at zero degrees elevation. Other telescopes with AutoStar that I’ve used have a buble-level and compass built into the tripod, but this one doesn’t. The North alignment isn’t critical because it is adjusted during later steps of the alignment process, but having the tripod level is. I carry a small carpenter’s level with me to assist in this step. Next you turn on AutoStar and enter the date and time. Then you must center the telescope on two stars that either you or the telescope picks. I prefer to choose the two stars myself. AutoStar likes to chose stars that are difficult to find or are obscurred by trees, buildings, etc. A helpful tip in centering the alignment stars is to start with a 25mm eyepiece (coarse adjustment) and center the star in the field of view as best you can. Then remove the 25mm eyepiece and repeat the proccess with a 9mm or smaller eyepiece (fine adjustment). Once the scope is aligned, it’s time to let AutoStar bring it to life. I like to start the night off with AutoStar’s “Tonight’s Best” Guided Tour. Autostar will determine the best objects to view and move the scope to them. You can choose objects like planets, Messiers, stars, even asteroids and comets and AutoStar will slew the telescope to bring the object into view, more or less. AutoStar is pretty accurate but does have problems on occasion. For example, if the scope is not properly aligned AutoStar will not bring the object into view. In that case, you must mannually move the scope in a small search pattern or let AutoStar do a spiral search. If you forget to tell AutoStar when the object is finally centered, when tracking begins the telescope will suddenly slew to where AutoStar thinks the object should be. I’ve had some frustrating fights with the telescope when this occurs. What can you see with this scope? Saturn’s rings are plainly visible, but the Cassini division isn’t and Saturn appears as a “bb in a washer”. Jupiter and her four moons are readily visible, as are the colored cloud bands on a night with good seeing. However, the red spot isn’t visible. Globular clusters appear as “whispy gray clouds”. Open clusters are beautiful. The double cluster is one of my favorites. Both clusters appear in the field of view with the 25mm eyepiece and I’d guess about 40 stars are discernable in the two clusters. The moon is a spectacular sight in this telescope. Craters within craters and mountain ranges are easy to see. Overall, this telescope is good for beginners or as a second scope. It displays objects larger and brighter than more expensive 60-80mm refractors. It’s short tube length and relatively light weight make it easy to carry outdoors or load into a car to search out darker skies. I bought this telescope to use while I build a 12″ dob, and overall it does a good job. I’d like to see some more features, like a heater or fans to prevent dew and a more accurate AutoStar system, but for $124 I think it was a steal.

David Baraloto

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