Heres some astronomy links for you, some of the websites we found useful when we’ve been doing research for information.

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Hubble Space Telescope
A lot of the pictures on this site are from Hubble and NASA, who have kindly released their pictures into the public domain. Hubble sends back the most amazing images, and it’s worth checking regularly as new pictures are taken frequently. (Just don’t expect your pictures to come out like these!).
NASA obtains lots of great images from it’s many missions and probes (and of course Hubble), you can find them on their website (once again most of these pictures are available publicly). Also a lot of news and latest research in astronomy can be found here.
Tom’s Astro Blog
Good, up-to-date astronomy news and information.
3D Galaxy Map
3DGalaxyMap is a 3D representation of our Galaxy, the Milky Way. It contains an overview map of the Milky Way Galaxy, as seen from above and a map of the Orion Arm (where our Sun is located) showing its major structures. The Orion Arm map is divided into navigable 10 parsec sectors, where you can explore stars. It contains a total of 106697 known stars and 275 exoplanets. Exoplanet orbits can be observed by increasing and decreasing the speed. Dunno if I chose the right category(astronomy), I would really like some feedback on the app I made.
Cassini-Huygens Mission
Some fantastic images coming back from here at the moment, from Nasa’s mission to Saturn. Well worth a look.
The Space Site
News and information about modern astronomy, as well as observing from your backyard.
Universe Today
A nice site with astronomy news and information, as well as some information on observing in the forums.
The Solar and Heliospheric Observatory, with latest images of the sun, if youre interested in the study of the sun.
Astronomical Society of Nevada – Las Vegas
Encourage, foster, conduct and support programs on astronomy and related sciences for the education and enlightenment of the general public and membership.
Astronomy for Kids
Great site for kids to help them understand astronomy.

The place to satisfy your curiosity about our solar system!
We provide you with pictures and information about our solar system and space beyond!

Portal to the Universe
A one-stop portal for online astronomy content, serving as an index, aggregator and a social networking site for astronomy content providers, laypeople, press, educators, decision-makers and scientists. PTTU features news, image, event and video aggregation; a comprehensive directory of observatories, facilities, astronomical societies, amateur astronomy societies, space artists, science communication universities.
Astronomy Log
Astronomy Images, Videos, Book Rewviews, News and much more.
Ice In Space
A very well-designed and presented site with Astronomy news and fourms.
NJ Night Sky
Amateur astronomy and telescope building for beginners and up a member of NASA’s Night Sky Network.
Dave’s Space Page
Some great Images from all the various probes here.
My Telescope
Telescope facts and trivia, telescope equipment information, and astronomy.
Orion Astronomers
Orion Astronomers is a site dedicated to Amateur Telescope Making (ATM) and astrophotography. Also one of the proud administrators of Astronomy Hub.
Welcome to the CAA!
Home Page of the Cuyahoga Astronomical Association, the largest astronomy club in NE Ohio. The club itself was established in 1957. Be sure to visit the Astronomers Resources pages.
SunHeight WebMaster
This site give the rise and set of the sun, moon, mars and venus anytime and anywhere on earth the site offers also more than 5,000,000 geographical coordinates worldwide.
Astronomy Trek
Astronomy Trek allows anyone to quickly build a good knowledge of the night sky and identify the various planets, stars, constellations, galaxies and other deep space objects. The emphasis is on educational but fun.
Astrobob Group
Dedicated to all people interested in astronomy, specially to those who are willing to start in amateur astronomy & do not know where to start from.This website is aimed to be a resource to beginners & amateur astronomers where ever they are & to all ages & levels, in particular for the Lebanese ones.
Extreme Astronomy
Forums for discussing all aspects of Astronomy. Astrophotography Gallery for members to display their images.
This site is an amateur astronomy website with all the latest events and fun and enjoyable activities so you wont get bored. The site is aimed at amateur astronomers and is a personal website. The site is amazing so please come and have a look. Also if you would like to submit a site to my website for free i will be happy to do so.
Future Asteroid Interception Research. Non-profit fund raising for astronomers hunting asteroids, meteorites, comets, and NEOs, (near earth objects). Articles and news about space and astronomy. A Society dedicated to generating awareness on the subject. Hope you see its merit. Best Wishes, David.
Hand painted glow in the dark planetariums and murals. Themes include constellations (astronomically accurate,) milky way, and for the kids spaceships, space battles, fairies, butterflies. Can do constellations for any given date/time/location (eg. date of birth, date of wedding, etc) upon request. Online store. Unique gift idea. Gift vouchers available. Also sell black and white and colour astronomy posters that glow in the dark with stars (hand painted.) Bring the night sky inside and sleep under the stars every night!
A site that gives the sun height & azimuth in a graphic way in real time anywhere in the world. The site includes thoushands of city coordinates around the world.
Space Station News
My blog deals with current news on NASA Space Missions,International Space News, Shuttle & Station,Moon & Mars,Solar System, Earth, Universe, Aeronautics,Science & Technology.
AstroFind – Search Engine for Astronomy
Search the web for astronomical and astrophysical websites and documents.
Cool astronomy site relating to all things space and astronomical. With fun, forums, updates, monthly subscription, sales, and lots more please visit us.
The Heavens
Website dedicated to theoretical and practical astronomy. Includes a blog, 3 photo albums, numerous articles and some videos too!
Faster Than Space aggregates nws, images, podcasts, videos and everything you want to know about space and astronomy.
Keep Looking Up
Join this astronomy based web site…. Up load your photos, use are forums, sell and buy astronomy equipment. Take a free online Astronomy course, with lesson quiz, and final exam. Something for everyone interested in the hobby of Astronomy. has astronomy related information, including telescopes, eyepieces, and astrophotography. We have astronomy related forums for your questions. We also have astronomy classified ads where you can buy, sell, and trade used equipment.
Space and Science Outreach Programs
Spacetime astronomy offer a range a space and astronomy related outreach programs via their CosmoDome mobile planetarium and portable telescopes. In addition to the educational outreach progam, Spacetime also supply a large range of space and astronomy related merchandise.
The Vega Sky Center
Covering the step-by-step construction of a 10″ f/5.6 Newtonian Equatorial Fork-Mounted Reflector, and much more! We are also an Astronomical web hub with links to many beneficial and interesting websites we know amateurs will relish. The Vega Sky Center’s website will continue to grow with future telescope projects, and provide pages covering observational and photographic astronomy. Please visit us often!
Astronomy Green Laser
LaserTo is providing you the most professional astronomy green laser pointer for star and constellation pointing, low cloud dust observation. Get the best 5-50mW green laser pointer for astronomy research.




Sky and Telescopes Imaging Page 
Really good set of articles by experienced photographers.
Joe Roberts Astrophotography 
A site I found useful, good tips on wide-field methods (piggyback and fixed tripod). Very Good.
the Sun in Motion 
The collection of solarIMAX style movies are designed to be experienced Full Screen and Beyond. So enjoy the view as they fill-up and pour over the edges of your display. Viewing the dynamics of the Sun in Motion in resolution unique to the optics of Coronado Solar Filters is simply mesmerizing!
Simple Astrophotography by Clayton Kessler 
Excellent beginners guide to different techniques.
Jerry Lodriguss Articles 
An index of useful advice by an experienced astrophotographer (check out the gallery). 
Another good article from an experienced astrophotographer
Piggyback Astrophotography 
A good article about piggyback astrophotography
Bills Astro Photos 
This site contains pictures of my astrophotography, observatory, and other interesting pictures and astronomy information.
Astrofotografia Quimica 
astrophotography website in portuguese language.
Wide Field Astrophotography 
A useful guide to wide field techniques.
Astronomy Network 
My website contains pictures of atronomical objects taken both through my own telescope a small Meade ETX 90RA and with the ccd cameras. My personal pictures have been edited with photoshop my Slooh pictures were edited also but very little. They are 90% in their original form! Arthur M Stevens Astronomy Network PS: Currently the site has Christmas content including link to my online store. Both will be removed after holidays pass.
The Curdridge Observatory 
Budget webcam and Artemis CCD astrophotography. Astronomy DIY projects for money conscience amateurs. DIY anodising. autoguiding advice, New long exposure amp off modifications for webcam astronomy.A no nonsense view of astronomy 
Detailed information about astrophotography techniques
Astronomy, astrophotography, telescope, constellations, nebulas — those are just a few terms you are going to meet on this site!
Astronomy & Astrophotography 
Astronomy and Astrophotography. On this BLOG I share my backyard astronomy adventures by uploading celestial images I shoot with my Nikon D80 DSLR. I do ‘Prime Focus, PiggyBack and Afocal astrophotography using my Orion 80mm ED OTA on a SkyView Pro GoTo EQ Mount. Please stop by and leave a comment.
Astrophotography Exposure 
A concise guide to camera settings for photographing astronomical objects.
Getting Started In Astrophotography 
(from Another good article about deep sky photography for the beginner.
Eta Carina 
Based in South Africa for all you Souther-Hemisphere-ers out there. Some incredible photographs.
Cosmic Castaway 
My website has real time astronomy tools and astrophotography taken by me and my friends. Oh and I have already linked to your page from mine. lol
Afocal Astrophotography 
Discussing Astrophotography using the afocal method, astrophotos of Lunar craters, terrestrial planets, jovian gas giants, supergiant stars & dso’s
Board Of Astronomy 
this is an iranian site about astronomical CCD Camera
Jerry Lodriguss
Wow! These pictures are incredible.
Cassini Gallery
Some of the pictures sent back so far from the Cassini probe.
Dan Heller
A photographer who tries his had at astronomy, rather than an astronomer who tries his hand at photgraphy, but still, the best star trails I’ve ever seen.
Some great pictures here mainly of wide-field subjects.
Darling Ranges Astronomy
Just got this site together and set my scope up again today! 🙂 So I’ll be adding more phots as I take them. 🙂 I’m now in a darker area, up in the hills of Perth, WA – so might get some corkers.
The Cosmic Images Album
This site is dedicated to images and data of the entire Solar System and Cosmos, as an educational tool for the Global Community of interest in the Earth/Planetary and Astronomy Science Disciplines. Please feel free to visit as often as you wish. Regards, John Koulouris,(Esq.),Astereion-Orion Project. has nearly 1,400 astronomical links on it’s database- bound to have whatever your looking for.
Astronomics is a “Meade Elite Dealer”. 26 years of expert service in the astronomical community. 
The Comprehensive Science Directory.
Astronomy HQ 
Lots of astronomy links
William Optics Official Website 
William Optics Official Website
Best Green Laser Pointers and Portable Green Lasers 
GreenLaserPointer.Org is ever ready to make a over-speced high stability green laser pointer or portable green lasers for astronomy and telescope.
The Solar Explorer net 
Andrew Devey is making great progress with his Solar imaging
Astronomy Education – Space Toys – Science Toys 
Spacetime offer a range of astronomy education services to schools across Australia. Including, portable planetariums, mobile telescopes and a range of space and science related toys and merchandise.
Astronomy Log 
Personal Astronomy site including book reviews, images, articles, images, etc
Clark M. Thomas, amateur astronomer, has spent several years selecting several hundred of the finest places on the web to visit. Everybody from beginners to professionals will discover many very helpful resources.
Over 1,000 astronomy links, arranged by sections. For all levels, from beginner to professional. Non-commercial and free. Founded several years ago, and frequently updated by an experienced amateur astronomer.
Sky Atlas 
The program is addressed to lovers and hotheads of astronomy and everyone, who wants to know how to identify constellations and other space objects: stars, galaxies, nebulas, planets.
Welcome to the Cosmic Tour Page 
This Website provides Earth/Planetary Science and Astronomy Resources via links to Global Space Agencies, Space Science and Astronomy Research Institutes,Space Multimedia Networks, Planetary and Astronomy Data and Images, and orbital tracking systems in Real Time, just to name a few. It has been constructed by John Koulouris,(Esq.) of the Astereion- Orion Project, and dedicated to the global citizens, space enthusiasts, and researchers of our home planet Earth.
Sky and Telescope Magazine 
Sky & Telescope cover virtually everything you’d ever need to know- for the beginner or the expert. Advice on buying your first telescope, daily star charts for any area and guides to any upcoming events in the sky. I found the very useful for information and assistance in astrophotography, and some of the basic principles of astronomy- well worth a look.
SKY-MAP.ORG is an Internet website that allows you to imagine yourself viewing the Universe through one of the most powerful telescopes in the world. By changing the scale with your mouse, you can watch the entire sky in one window and receive the detailed images of distant galaxies and nebulas in another. Just click on an interesting object and you will get the detailed scientific information about it. Our Internet site presents information about more than 500,000,000 objects in the Universe.
Amatuer Astronomers Notepad 
A useful site, especially the astrophotography articles. Many pictures on the site are used with his kind permission (thanks!).
Weasners Mighty ETX Site 
A mighty site indeed, has everything any Meade ETX owner could ever need to know. 
A superbly designed site- excellent information about astrophotography, astronomy, and observing up to quite an advanced level.
The Heretics Guide to buying a Telescope 
A good site helping you decide which telescope to buy for a variety of needs and budgets.
Astronomy Boy 
An excellent site, with lots of useful information.
Quantum Hyperspace 
Some good images and useful data.
Astronomy and Astrophotography for the Non-Gazillionaire 
Worth a link for the name alone in my opinion, some advice on buying a telescope if you don’t have eleventy million dollars.
The Astronomy Connection 
All sorts of information on observing and photographing the stars, as well as looking after your equipment.
Astronomical Society of South Australia 
Articles and How-to’s on observing and astrophotography, as well as more complicated things like stellar photometry, plus, some stunning pictures in the gallery.
Observational Astronomy by David Haworth 
A lot of good information here, observing with and without equipment, astrophotography, image processing and equipment. Some great photos too!
Telescope reviews for hundreds of telescopes.
Live webcam/webcast from Cleary Summit/Mt.Aurora, near Fairbanks, Alaska USA. Troy Birdsall, electrician, ski-lift operator, snowmobile tourguide, and consumate Aurora Lover just does this for fun— the world shows up every night to chat, wait, and watch in wonder. (Aurora “season” is usually from Sept-April)
AstroViewer – quick orientation in the night sky 
The AstroViewer planetarium software displays an interactive sky map for any time and position on Earth. It allows you to find out names and other information about the celestial bodies (stars, planets, etc.) on the display, find celestial bodies and constellations and print out a sky chart. A 3D-map of the solar system can be displayed as well. As AstroViewer has an intuitive and easy-to-use graphical user interface, it fits well to the demands of astronomy beginners. AstroViewer comes along as an applet for the free online use on the website, and as shareware to download for the offline use.
Night Skies Network 
A live streaming web site for amateur astronomers to use. They broadcast live deep space images of all kinds of objects live and in color. They also talk to you as you watch and chat on line with them. All live from all around the world. You can learn a lot about astronomy here and get great tips on equipment and objects being viewed.
Astro Madness 
Free Online Space Resource for Young Astronauts on astronomy, planets, news, galaxies, space games, space videos 
Lots of good information on everything from buying or building a telescope, to photography and observing tips, as well as the latest news and events.
About Astronomy 
Simple, brief help to get you going with finding night sky objects, buying a telescope etc.
A site dedicated to the Meade ETX70 Telescope and the LPI / DSI Imagers. There is extensive information on accessories suitable for any scope.
Muskegon Astronomical Society 
Our web site offers observing information and can be customized to a specific location. Site includes society events, facility information, articles, and astro images.
Sights Above 
Amateur Astronomy / Backyard Observing and CCD Imaging
Night Sky Info 
Weekly information about the night sky, astronomy articles and observations.
The Evening Sky Map makes available for free each month The Evening Sky Map — a 2-page printable monthly guide to the night skies of the northern and southern hemispheres. Each issue contains a detailed sky map, a monthly sky calendar, and a descriptive list of the best objects to see with binoculars, a telescope, or using just your eyes. Astronomy educators and clubs are encouraged to make and distribute copies of The Evening Sky Map.
Ash Observatory 
Picture / Instruction guide on the building of my Roll Off Roof Observatory. Also included are pages on my astrophotography, Lunar 100 with 67 so far on my own images, Messier 110 list. Reviews of some of the equipment and software that I use.
Astronomical Calendar 
Monthly calendar with Julian day, sidereal time, Moon/Sun rise/set and Moon position.
Spectral Calculator 
Accurate, rapid online simulation of high-resolution molecular spectra, and other spectroscopy tools for researchers, teachers and students in astronomy.
Leigh’s Amateur Astro Site 
This is my amateur astro site, aimed at newcomers to astronomy. I\’ve tried to pull together everthing I\’ve learned so far in the hope that I can help others who like me, are relatively inexperienced. It\’s my 1st attempt at a website too Leigh
Comets and Asteroids news 
Latest news and information about astronomy and in particular comets and asteroids provided by Remanzacco Observatory in Italy
Jargon free Astronomy learning site, at your pace school links for education diplomas & degrees or just a hobby…we tell you how it is no Gobbyadygook! We have 24/7 NASA T.V. Contact an Astronaut Astronaut training programs… So whether you just want to browse or get fully involved with current Space Agency programs we hope you enjoy Solaris our Astronomy Site Forum..
Bob Austins Astronomy Pictures 
Regularly updated astronomy pictures, including some great amateur photos. Lots of useful information, especially for astronomers in the San Diego USA area. 
Site for the amateur backyard astronomer.
The Supernovae 
Astronomy – The Supernovae – It is believed in a galaxy there is a supernova, that is the catastrophic explosion of a big mass star, about twice in every century. The last supernova in our galaxy visible from Earth was observed in 1604…
Federation of Galaxy Explorers 
The Federation of Galaxy Explorers is a non-profit volunteer organization established in 2002 in Silver Spring, Maryland, which is dedicated to promoting education in astronautics and astronomy for youth in grades 3 through 12. A number of after-school Galaxy Explorer Mission Teams have been established by volunteers in nine states. A number of Federation of Galaxy Explorer summer camps are also conducted for youth each summer.
Dragon Lasers is an online store selling diode pumped all-solid-state lasers. Ideal for star pointing with a large group or mounting on a go to telescope.
Astronomy Links 
A collection of astronomy links
Eyes on the Sky 
Astronomy website featuring monthly videos so beginners to the night sky can find the naked-eye planets, prominent constellations, bright stars and deep sky objects with just their eyes, binoculars, or inexpensive/small telescopes. The “Videos” link has the most recent video each month. Light pollution is mentioned in each video to highlight the problem and offer simple steps viewers can take to reduce it.
World cheapest laser pointer 
The worlds only distributor of cheapest portable high powered green laser in the internet now. sells high quality cheap green laser pointers perfect for astronomy and star gazing.
Raye’s Space Stuff 
Thank-you for visiting Raye\’s Space Stuff, a licenced divison of U.S. Gov. Radio Astronomy. This web site is intendded to be basicly a public blog site, it is open to absolutely anyone to use.
Sky Atlas SkyAtlas 
The program is addressed to lovers and hotheads of astronomy and everyone, who wants to know how to identify constellations and other space objects: stars, galaxies, nebulas, planets. Every object in the program is described and every object can be accompanied by a picture.
The Binocualr Sky 
The Binocular Sky exists to help you get the best out of your astronomical binoculars. From understanding binocular basics, through choosing the binocular that is right for you, to suggestions of objects to observe, the Binocular Sky has it all. The Binocular Sky is frequently updated, to ensure that the information is current. I try to be very responsive to requests and suggestions from my readers.

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