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Best Professional Telescope

Best Professional Telescope

BEST PROFESSIONAL TELESCOPEsULTIMATE BUYING GUIDE FOR HIGH POWERED TELESCOPES IN 2020 Introduction If you are a seasoned Astronomer looking for a professional tool this buying guide will cover everything you need. These powerful telescopes were designed for the most demanding customers and targeting a professional level. Which of these suits your needs the most? Once …

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Best Telescopes for Astrphotography

Best Telescopes for Astrophotography

Best Telescopes for Astrophotography ULTIMATE BUYING GUIDE FOR 2020 Introduction Astrophotography seems to be self-explanatory. Astro (relating to space) plus photography equals taking pictures of things that have to do with space. Pretty simple right? However, astrophotography is much more than just taking a camera and pointing it up to the sky.  In this guide, we will explain what astrophotography is …

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Best Computerized GoTo Telescopes copy

Best Computerized GoTo Telescopes

Best Computerized Telescopes GOTO MOTORIZED TELESCOPES WITH GPS Introduction From beginners to serious amateur Astronomers, the modern tools available are certainly becoming more and more capable and complex. But there’s such a collection of brands and products that picking the right telescope can be quite overwhelming. In this buying guide, we are going to focus …

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Best Telescopes Under 300

Best Telescope Under $300

Best Telescopes Under $300 ULTIMATE BUYING GUIDE FOR 2020 Introduction If you’ve been inspired by Astronomers like Carl Sagan and want to explore the endless distances of space, then you’ve probably thought about getting a telescope. Nowadays, you can get amazing tools for exploring the night sky for a very modest price, and the best thing is …

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Best Telescopes Under $500

Best Telescopes Under $500

Best Telescopes Under $500 ULTIMATE BUYING GUIDE FOR 2020 Introduction Telescopes come in different sizes, shapes and construction technologies, but they also come at very different price points. A mid-tier telescope retails at 300-500 USD and can be considered both a beginner’s telescope, as well as an expansion of an existing collection for experienced space observers. …

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