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Another milestone passed today, first quarter of a million hits!
Record Month on last month! 1,600 different visitors viewing 14,500 pages and generating 70,000 hits! One more telescope review and a couple of new pictures. Keep them coming!
I've added a new page, a planet data sheet for anyone who needs some numbers quickly. Here's the link. Enjoy!
2-/-1/2004 makes it to it's first big landmark- 100,000 hits!
Hello everyone, things are getting better on the business front, I just finished a small site for an author to promote his book. Remember if you want any website work done to contact me through my website. Sorry there's not been many updates here for a while, I've got work to do now! If you've got any good links for next years celestial events please email me with them so that I can update the events database.
This message is a bit late but I've started an awards scheme for the best astronomy websites. I'm looking out for good design, neat and well-laid out sites, and of course lots of good astronomy content! Have a look at the awards page for more.
I've added my the best of my lunar eclipse pictures to the My Images section.
There been some problems with the review section (the 'submit review' form)- I'm not sure what it is but I've re-done it much neater, and I think it should be fine, although, for now at least, you can't upload any telescope images with the form because it's having trouble, I'll have to sort that one out. Contact me if there are still any problems.
Check out the new link- sent in by a reader for the 'astronomy now' msn group.
I've added some new features to the site- a news feed from the top story is selected and displayed on the home page, alternating with a news feed from Hubble displaying the latest picture from the space telescope.
First review submitted! I need lots more though- please send one in.
Welcome to the new-look Astronomy for Beginners! What do you think? Send us your thoughts

What's New

Why the revamp? Several reasons... when I started Astronomy for Beginners it was designed as a five or six page site. It soon grew into the monster you see before you now, and it couldn't cope. This is much neater in layout and function, easier to expand as well. In addition, I think that it looks more professional. Its also more accesible, it now looks fine on 800x600 screen resolution in the latest versions of the main browsers. The page download time has also been vastly reduced by getting rid of the flash banner. I liked it, but sacrifices have to be made (sigh). I'm making an effort to make my sites standards-compliant, that is their code conforms with the accepted standards that everyone's web pages should go by. Notice the 'XHTML' and 'CSS' butons at the bottom, they take you to the validation page. If you find any that don't validate, please tell me about it! There were lots of spelling mistakes as well that have mostly been sorted out. Finally I've added some new features like the reviews section. Enjoy!

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